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Digital Communications

Bring your business or organisation into the future with Macmillan Media’s wide variety of Digital Communication strategies. Harness the power of SEO, Social Media, Online Marketing and Analytics to create cost effective promotion with a global audience.


Tailor made digital campaigns will provide what traditional media can’t, through the use of keywords and demographics we can target the right audience for your business directly.

social media
Social Media

With experience in every Social Media Platform, Macmillan Media can provide professionally executed Social Media Campaigns running across all platforms, providing your cause essential engagement and awareness.

Online Marketing
Online Marketing

Here at Macmillan Media we can provide alternative Online Marketing Strategies, that are proven cost effective with a longer reach than traditional Marketing methods.


Using SEO (search engine optimisation) we can help improve your current search engine rankings, ensuring that those who search for your business or products will find it.


Analytics provides us with the knowledge we need to establish, adjust or alter and provide evidence of a successful PR campaign. Using a variety of different analytic tools, Macmillan Media can shed light on and correlate all that confusing data.

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