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Macmillan Media’s EDI Ready courses are designed to help everyone in our creative industries address the essentials of managing and being part of an inclusive workforce. This suite of learning provided by  carefully selected  experts are contained within 8 valuable modules as part of the Screen BFI skills cluster.


         EDI Ready - Neurodiversity and the Screen Industry 

                      Delivered by Eleanor McSherry

          EDI Ready – How to overcome Unconscious Bias

                       Delivered by Furkan Karayel

                                EDI READY – Mentoring

                         Delivered by Philippa Thomas

       EDI READY – An Introduction to Bullying and Harassment

                          Delivered by Fiona Anderson 

                                  EDI READY – Triple C 5As

                                     Delivered by Triple C

            EDI READY – PHA Mental Health First Aid Course

                          Delivered by Mental Health Matters

                                      EDI READY – Ethnicity

                                 Delivered by Adaku Okafor

   EDI READY – Rainbow Project Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity

                             Delivered by Rainbow Project

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